Focus on prevention

Our perception of the dispute resolution concept is not only of representing clients in ongoing disputes in front of courts of law or arbitral tribunals. Our main concern is to help clients to prevent disputes and solve their issues preferably in an amicable manner.

For this purpose, we continuously assist clients during all preliminary stages listed below. In the event that our efforts to amicably settle do fail, we naturally assist clients in the contentious phase, with our unique approach resulting not only from experience, but from the exceptional personal traits of each of our lawyers.

Our work cuts across not only many different law areas, but very often a number of rather technical non-legal disciplines as well.

Although we focus mainly on dispute resolution, at clients’ special requests we can support them with ‘general counsel’ type advisory work.


Private dealings

Public dealings

Negotiation Support in the initial phase before the issuance of an administrative deed


Representation in Courts

Representation in arbitral proceedings

Our brand practices

Our general expertise, gained throughout years of having instrumented high-profile cases in various law areas and business industries, covers a wide range of practices:

  • General Corporate & Commercial
  • International Trade
  • Foreign Investments
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy, gas & oil
  • Environment & natural resources
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Intellectual Property
  • White collar crime

Our main focus though is represented by Domestic and International Arbitration & Mediation, Competition, Public Procurement and Regulatory, areas in which we have become a true brand due to the outstanding results obtained in several landmark cases.

Arbitration & Mediation


Public Procurement