Published books

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor with Adrian Severin and Victor Babiuc) – “International Sales of Goods between Parties in CREA Member Countries, Bucharest, Academy Publishing House, 1990

Victor Tanasescu (coordinator with Victor Babiuc and coauthor with Victor Babiuc, Corneliu Barsan, Adrian Constantinescu, Aurel Dobrescu and Dragos Sitaru) – The Export in Reciprocal Arrangement. Economic and Juridical Issues, by courtesy of World Economics Institute, Bucharest, Academy Publishing House, 1987

Victor Tanasescu (coordinator with Octavian Capatana) – “Commercial and International Law Organizations” vol. I – II, Bucharest, Academy Publishing House, 1982

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor with Octavian Capatana) – Joint Ventures with Romanian Shareholding established Abroad, research included in the collection “Principles and Juridical Forms of International Economic Cooperation”, coordinator Dumitru Popescu, by courtesy of The Institute of Law Research, Bucharest, Academy Publishing House, 1979

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor with Roxana Munteanu) – “Guarantees Granted to Foreign Investors”, published in the Journal “Sciences juridiques”, Tome 22, No. 2, Bucharest, Academy Publishers, 1978

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor with Octavian Capatana and Raluca Miga-Besteliu) – “Romania in the International Economic Organization”, Bucharest, Academy Publishing House, 1973

Articles and Studies published

Victor Tanasescu, Cristian Gavrila – “Romanian Chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide: Investor-State Arbitration 2019”, available at

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor, with Dumitru Florescu) – “Contribution of the Romanian Legal Doctrine to Outline the Civil Responsibility in the Field of Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy”, in the Journal “Revue roumaine d’études internationales”, XVIII année, No.6(73), Bucharest, Academy Publishers, 1984

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor, with Roxana Munteanu) – Aspects Related to Conventional Practice in Romania Concerning Guarantees Granted for Direct Foreign Investments, in the Journal “Revue roumaine d’études internationales” No.6 (68), Bucharest, Academy Publishers, 1983

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor, with Ion Rucareanu) – Legal Regime of Joint Ventures with Foreign Participation in Socialist Compared Law”, paper issued under the work “Institutions of International Commercial Law”, Vol.II (coordinators Octavian Capatina and Victor Tanasescu), Academy Publishers, Bucharest, 1982

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor, with Victor Babiuc and Ion Rucareanu) – “Improvement of Rules on Foreign Trade Relations as an Expression of the New Economic-Financial Mechanism”, under the Journal “Legal Studies and Researches” No.2/1981, Academy Publishers

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor, with Victor Babiuc and Ion Rucareanu) – “International Long Term Commercial Contracts”, under the Journal “Legal Studies and Researches”, No.3/1980, Bucharest, Academy Publishers

Victor Tanasescu (coauthor, with Victor Babiuc and Ion Rucareanu) – Improved Rules for Foreign Trade Relations”, under the Journal “Legal Studies and Researches”, No.2/1980, Bucharest, Academy Publishers, 1980

Victor Tanasescu – An analysis of the “Foreign Immunity Sovereignty Act in Great Britain”, published in Bulletin of Foreign Trade Chamber, 1979

Victor Tanasescu – „Transfer of Technology in Joint Companies Incorporated in Romania”, published in 1979 under the Journal „I.P. Reports from Socialist Contries”, 1979, published by the European Law Centre Limited

Victor Tanasescu – An analysis of the„Foreign Immunity Sovereignty Act” in 1977 for Great Britain, published in the Bulletin of Foreign Trade Chamber

Victor Tanasescu – „Recognition of Trade Companies and Other Foreign Legal Persons in the Light of Bruxelles Convention on February 29, 1968”, under Journal „Legal Studies and Researches” No.4/1972, Academy Publishers, Bucharest 1972.

Victor Tanasescu – G.A.T.T. and Its Role in Promoting World Trade”, in the Journal „Studii si cercetari juridice” (Legal Studies and Researches) No.1/1972, Academy Publishers, 1972

Victor Tanasescu – Review of the Work „Regime of Foreign Legal Persons in Romania” by Octavian Capatina, Bucharest, Academy Publishers, 1969, issued in Revue roumaine d’études internationales” No.1(7), Bucharest, 1970

Other contributions

Victor Tanasescu – contributions to work „Investment in Romania”, published by KPMG Deutsche Treuhand Gesellschaft – Germany and Romanian Development Agency, Bucharest, 1994

Victor Tanasescu – Romanian representative in the sessions of UNCITRAL, 1987-1988

Victor Tanasescu – member of the UNCITRAL team for drawing up „The Guide for Countertrade Transactions”, 1989

Works presented in University

Victor Tanasescu – “Conflictive Matters on Trade Companies in Common Market, Including Romanian-West European Joint Ventures – Concurring Judicial Liquidation”, LLD Paper presented at Law School of Bucharest University, 1984

Victor Tanasescu – “Recognition of Foreign Trade Companies in E.E.C. Countries and Romania”, Amsterdam, 1971 (Post Graduate Diploma in European Integration at Europe Instituut of Amsterdam Univesity, Holland